Sunday, June 10, 2012

Summer flops and summer hits!

Summer is officially underway at the Gammons house.  In order for me to remain sane for the whole summer, I spent some time looking at various blogs and made a list of activities that my kids would enjoy.  I thought it would be fun to tell you what has been a "Hit" and what has been a "Flop".  I will be sure to up date this list through out the summer.  Here goes....

Hit #1 - Jazzing up our thrift store razors

My boys have been asking for Razors for awhile now.  I almost cried when I found both of these at Goodwill for $10.   They were used and the purple handle bars had to go. I bought some fun Duct Tape at Michaels for $5 and went to town. (they have so many fun colors and patterns..from pok-a-dots to skulls)

The kids were so excited for their one-of-a-kind scooters.  Even little sister wanted some on her scooter.

Flop #1 - Ice Cube Painting

I didn't even take a picture because the kids lost interest in about 30 seconds.  I took an ice cube tray and filled it with water and food coloring.  Allowed it to freeze and then paint with the cubes outside on paper.   Problem - the color wasn't very bright and the paper was tearing because it was wet.  So we just broke out our traditional paint and brushes and finished being artists.

Hit #2 - Baking Soda Volcano

I was really surprised that all my kids had fun with this (ages 6,4,and 2).

1. Pour Baking Soda on plate.
2. Put food color in a cup of vinegar for the lava.
3. Use a medicine dropper to squirt the vinegar on the soda.  fizzle fun!!!

They probably played with this for almost 45 minutes!

Flop #2 - Homemade Pizza

So we fun making it...but it just tasted gross!  Mikey said "I just like how that other guy makes it.  You know the kind we usually get. He just makes it better"  He is referring to "Little Caesars"
I guess I will have to go back to Pinterest and get a better recipe.

What have your hits and flops been this summer?  Would love to hear......


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