Monday, May 14, 2012

Kids say the cutest things!

For the past six years, I have told myself to write down the funny things my kids say so.....
    I finally did it. 

 I bought a simple leather journal and keep it on my dresser in the living room. It is nothing fancy, but the inside pages are priceless.  Here are just a few of my favorites:

Mikey -

"dew da" - donut

"Do you know where dreams come from?  They come from my pillow."

"Mommy, I am ready to kill my eggs" (referring to dyeing his Easter eggs)

"I need some jello, for my hair" (meaning gel)

Mikey asked Jesus into his heart at school.  I asked him about it when he came home.  He said,"I asked Love to come into my heart today."

Jacob -

For about 6 months, everytime he would sit down at the dinner table he would say, " I do not like dinner, I only like lunch!"

After dressing head to toe in camo, he asks me while playing inside " Hey Mom! Can you see me?"

Lily -

"Ta,Ta Tunda" -  Kung Fu Panda (her favorite cartoon)

"Top Parts" - Pop Tarts

"Ne Ne" - Candy (one of her basic food groups)

What funny things have your kids said?  I would love to hear.....

 - Steph


  1. Mom the empire made the wrong call.
    Me: who did honey
    The empire
    lol oh ok now I get it the umpire.... I love my little baseball player.

  2. I did this too and now that the kids are grown, those quotes are a source of such great delight! I would write them down on any scrap of paper I could find if we were out somewhere and eventually they would get compiled into a Year in Quotes. Here's a fav: "Mommy, I love you. There's ketchup on the carpet." - Sara